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…I promised to write something about the products I use. So here is some information:
As you may know, every summer I suffered from allergy. Spring and winter were times of flu and cold. Though I could stand it, all of that was always very unpleasant. And it was even worse since my business does not allow me to stay in bed long. Then a friend of mine recommended Intra to me. I have been using it for a long time now and the results are as follows: the allergy disappeared within one month and I have not suffered from it since. Flu and cold almost disappeared, too. When something like that appears again the course is very easy: I do not feel well for a week and when it gets worse I spend one day in bed. Considering it used to be one week in bed and three weeks of convalescence it is really great!

Apart from that I would like to mention a few „details": I feel much less tired than before. My joints are less painful, too, but it can be a result of my beginning to exercise (a bit). My gums stopped bleeding and I have hardly any plague now. I feel better mentally as well. I even ask myself if all of this is the result of Intra and Nutria? But I think so since I did not start using anything else, I stay in the same environment and I did not change my regime. My schedule is as follows: daily I take about 30 ml of Intra - usually in the morning on an empty stomach - (which is one measure or two capsules). When I feel I am getting ill or when I go through more demanding times I take daily from 60 to 90 ml - morning, noon and evening. Apart from that I take - especially in winter - 1 to 3 capsules of Nutria; I take it with meal - it is better this way. And I am very satisfied!

Our son Juda suffered from chronic cold. He had been using Intra for several months and it was still the same. I felt ill at ease about it. Then we began giving him Nutria and some vitamins, too (we bought them in a drugstore because Lifecycles products are not available on the market here yet). In a month the cold was gone. Sometimes it comes back but now we know what to do with it. Children also began with hardening and they take cold shower daily. Brr!

However, Intra is used mostly as prevention. When you take it your organism is being strengthened. That is why we give Intra even to Sara though she is still little. It is great for her organism and she even likes to drink it. My wife uses Intra as prevention, too. As you know she has always been much healthier than me. But she is serious about prevention and I would say she looks much more beautiful now than ever before! I entered into a contract with the Lifestyles and now I get discount on the products. And when someone is interested I can sell the Lifestyles products to him. For this purpose I use the Internet, too, which enables me to sell things in more than 40 countries! Considering that, not only do I use Intra basically for free but I even earn some money. Maybe in a few years I will become a millionaire. Some clever distributors have already succeeded in it. But actually, it does not appeal to me - I have been a millionaire for a long time now, as you know... :-)

Next time I will write about something else so that you would know the world does not revolve around food supplements only. By then have a great time and enjoy good health!







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