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An adequate daily intake of vitamins and minerals is vital to long-term health for everyone from children to the elderly. Modern diets are deficient in many vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential for health. These chronic nutrient deficiencies contribute to such conditions as osteoporosis (caused by calcium deficiency), heart disease and cancer. It is estimated that if everyone in the United States took daily vitamin and mineral supplements hospital bills could be reduced by close to $30 billion.

Just as our bodies change as we age, so do our nutritional requirements. With this in mind, Lifecycles™ vitamin and mineral supplements are scientifically designed for the various cycles of your life. Whatever your age or gender, Lifecycles™ has a formulation to fit your style of life and are available in the following formulas: Children's Chewable Formula, Men's Formula, Women's Formula, Mature Men's Formula, Mature Women's Formula and Cal-Plus calcium supplement.

Women's Formula:
This supplement is designed for women up to the age of 50. It features:

  • Balanced and complete formula designed for women to help support
    an active lifestyle
  • Increased levels of calcium, iron, vitamin B6 and folic acid
  • Mineral formulation specifically designed for women

Men's Formula:
This balanced formulation provides all the nutrients required for the active male. Designed for men up to the age of 50, this formula contains:

  • Increased levels of the B-complex vitamins and zinc
  • Lower levels of iron
  • Essential trace minerals chromium, selenium and molybdenum

Mature Women's Formula:
For optimal protection against certain age-related conditions of women aged 50 and over, this formulation contains:

  • Increased levels of calcium, magnesium and selenium
  • Lower levels of iron than our Women's Formula
  • Higher levels of digestive enzymes

Mature Men's Formula:
This balanced formulation provides all the nutrients required for men aged 50 and over. This formula contains:

  • Increased levels of zinc, vitamin E and folic acid
  • Vitamin A and beta carotene.
  • Increased levels of digestive enzymes

Cal Plus:
A unique blend of calcium and essential nutrients to help maintain strong, healthy bones throughout life.

  • Each serving contains 500 mg of absorbable calcium
  • Full complement of essential cofactors to aid bio-availability
  • Digestive enzyme and herbal extracts included to promote calcium absorption

Although proper nutrition is essential throughout our lives, the ideal time to set the stage for optimum health is in the formative years. Lifecycles® fruit flavoured supplement for children, stamped with fun animal shapes, features:

  • Complete range of vitamins and essential nutrients.
  • No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners
  • A complete mineral formulation unique to children's supplements.


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